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weather in Nepal

Nepal is one of the best Countries for backpacker who interest in Outdoor Activities. We have more than 100 packages adventure activities in Nepal. We make your Journey easy in Nepal. Here are some travel Tips for Backpackers, Sightseeing can be done throughout the year. Here are some best trekking seasons in Nepal.But before that you have to know about weather in Nepal and start your plan to visit Nepal.

 They are spring and autumn seasons and are considered as the excellent trekking season in Nepal. The weather and climatic conditions of these seasons make them the finest time of the year. In Nepal visitor can enjoy the amazing Himalayan view, landscape, and vegetation. The seasonal month of spring begins from March to May. The rhododendron forests starts blossoming up to charm their visitors with unique blend of mesmerizing natural colors of Natural. The autumn season is considered by many as the most favorable trekking season in Nepal. Because the temperature remains moderate, which allows trekking in higher altitudes easy with crystal clear open sky .The trek routes normally tend to get crowded and tea houses get every room booked for trekkers walking along their trail. The individual tourists (who travel themselves) are Very difficult to get Room. The autumn months of mid-September, October and November valleys remain lush with thriving vegetation and wildlife, which can add to the exquisiteness to one’s travel in Nepal.

 Nepal’s another session, which is known as Summer/Monsoon (June-August) and winter (December-February) seasons. On this Monsoon Session we offer day Hike and City Sightseeing in Nepal. In Nepal here are many World Heritage Sites, Which is known as Day city sightseeing. During winter session we can do Annapurna, Everest, and Langtang Except high passes. Many trekkers who are not generally preferred by trekkers so the trek routes have less number of tourists? You may try to go for trek in these seasonal months too. In the Monsoon months, the trail tends to become muddy and slippery, so if these things don’t bother to you then just book a trip in Nepal. We, Trekking Company always welcome tourists who are willing to visit even during the off seasons. We are always welcoming to our Valuable Client in Nepal. And we recommend please check weather in Nepal Condition this is important travel tips for Everybody.

We would just like to say that if you’re planning to visit Nepal, then you have various options at our disposal to help you get the most of our trekking packages. Contact us today, Amazing trip in Nepal with our expert trekking Leaders.