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Your Adventure Travel partner offers many outdoor activities in the world.  The ancient and mysterious land of Tibet offers a wonderful and sometimes challenging experience for travelers. At above 4000 m elevation and surrounded by mountain ranges on three sides. This is a land of ancient tradition, culture and spirituality, awesome landscape, mysterious splendors, and untamed beauty.

This encourages westerns to visit this wonderful land and a journey here is always a memorable experience. Where the words remote, beautiful, and stark are all apt descriptions for travel in the high arid Tibetan plateau.

Tibet Tour

All travelers to Tibet should be aware that remains one of the most captivating. At least in developed parts of the world facilities for tourists still quite basic and limited although they are being upgraded. The road between Tibet and Nepal is rough, bumpy.  And full of bends and sometimes temporarily obstructed by landslides and erosion (particularly during monsoon season).

Traveling in Tibet is an adventure at high altitude and because of this, can be strenuous. Most travelers have only minor effects from the altitude but we advise everyone (particularly if you have known heart, lung, or blood disorders) to consult your doctor before traveling.

We will put every effort into making your journey as comfortable and enjoyable as possible but we emphasize that traveling in Tibet requires a willingness to accept that this type of travel requires flexibility and a spirit of adventure. Please consider this carefully before making any bookings.

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