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Nepal is unique Country in the world. Every year thousands of visitor visit Nepal due to Natural Sources. Nepal has a lot of things to do. Trekking is most common activities in Nepal. Except trekking here are many world heritage sites Temples, stupa rafting,Paragliding,Jungle safari,Bungy jump,Peak Climbing, and Adventure activities. Paragliding is adventure activities in Nepal.

Paragliding in Nepal

flying in the sky like a bird in the thermals all the while enjoying views of snow capped mountains, verdant valleys like nowhere else on earth. With experienced pilots to guide you through the skies, it’s an experience of  lifetime.  Choose from tandem flights to fully certified paragliding courses, solo flights or even go this accompanied by hawks! With the low lying valleys and the high cold mountains.

This flight can give you a panoramic view of the sunrise or sunset in the great Himalayan. Amazing adventure and not  required to experience these flights. Qualified paragliding trainers or pilot will provide instruction and training before your flight. Best of experiences in the world with its natural rising thermals. Paragliding in Nepal since 1995 and the sport is getting ever  more popular.

You can sign in as a beginner and leave with many flying hours under your belt. Soaring high above with the hawks and enjoying incredible views of the Himalayan peaks from this vantage point is an experience you will never forget. Let us know your Adventure in Nepal. We make Unforgettable travel experience in Nepal, While you are in Nepal.

Ace Vision Nepal does not just organize trekking and hiking to the different parts of Nepal but we focus on providing different experiences to our clients. Paragliding in  is one of the best activities and we ensure the utmost safety for the flight.

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