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1 Day-Nagarkot Changunarayan Hike

1 Day

The Nagarkot Changunarayan Hike one of the easy and Natural Diversity around in Kathmandu Valley. Nature lovers as the hiking trail introduce the Himalayas and the enchanting landscapes in quite sublime fashion. The hike takes you to the vantage point of Nagarkot, renowned for the panorama of Himalayas including the Mt. Everest (8848m). Similarly, the trail descends along the lush hills and quaint settlements to reach Changunarayan. The hike incorporates plenty of natural glory along with the religious. And cultural prosperity of the hill east to the Kathmandu Valley.

Day Trip Nagarkot Changunarayan Hike

The viewpoint of Nagarkot is famous for hosting an astounding panorama of Himalayas including the Everest, Jugal, and Langtang ranges. Enjoying the Himalayan views at sunrise, we make our way towards the hamlet of Nagarkot. The quaint hamlet sitting atop the hill  adorned by majestic Himalayas. Overlooking the valley and the stunning Shivapuri National Park. After having breakfast in the company of the Himalayas. We prepare for a pleasant hike to Changunarayan. The trail offers bountiful interactions with local ethnic communities and the bio-diversity on the way. Descending through the pleasant natural landscapes.

The trail takes us to the temple of Changunarayan located at a distance of 15 km from the hamlet itself. The UNESCO world heritage site is a wonder of culture and religion where the ancient way of life shines through the local art and architecture. Around the temple is a local museum where ancient culture and history comes to life through the ancient lore and stories. Enjoying the pleasant culture and religion we head back towards the valley which concludes our travel for the day.

Ace Vision Nepal is always up for a pleasant day filled with stunning views of the Himalayan and pleasant natural landscapes. Accompany us in this stunning journey and we will make sure the day is one to remember. Along the Nagarkot Changunarayan Hike, we offer experienced guides to help you along the route.


Trip Highlights: 

  • Stunning natural views of the hilly landscapes and the hiking trail
  • Tour the UENSCO world heritage site of Changunarayan
  • Enjoy the pleasant culture and way of life of the local ethnicities
  • 360 degree views of the Himalayas including the Mt. Everest (8848m)

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1 Day-Nagarkot Changunarayan Hike