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Lumbini Tour

Lumbini Tour, Ace vision Nepal

Lumbini tour is famous in the World. Lard Buddha Birthplace  in Nepal. Thousands of pilgrims visit here every year to worship, meditate and learn at the site. Throughout the years, the temple complex has grown from just one temple to commemorate the birthplace. Whole monastic complex with beautiful Buddhist temples.
There were all these great temples on the one side and then a terrible underfunded city on the other. So, it was great to visit the temples but not a fantastic place for tourists and travelers who want to visit there.

Visit beautiful monasteries built by different Buddhist countries. China, Japan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Germany and observe the different architecture and prayer areas. Soak up the peaceful atmosphere and above all visits the Mayadevi Temple which dates back to 2,200 years, which archaeological evidence proclaim as the birthplace of Siddhartha Gautam or Lord Buddha in 623 BC.Let us know about your visit Nepal and Lumbini Tour.

This exact location where Maya Devi gave birth to a boy named Siddhartha Gautam. Later on turned out to be Lord Gautam Buddha. It was Lumbini where Lord Buddha attained the path of enlightenment by meditating under a tree which is still present in Lumbini. The number of temples present in Lumbini. and  built by different countries and  still under construction. The Bodhi tree, under which Lord Buddha performed meditations, still worshiped by the visitors. The passers-by also worship Pusakarini or Holy Pond where Lord Buddha had his first bath. The pilgrimage stays busy all day long, especially in the month of April and May when people gather from around the corner to celebrate Lord Buddha’s birth date in a grand manner.Ace vision Nepal offer you Best tour while you are Nepal.We offer excellent outdoor activities in Nepal, unforgettable travel  service.

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