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The Himalayan Nepal

The Himalayan Nepal

Namaste and welcome to the stunning and diverse Geographical regions of the Himalayan Nepal. This wonderful place is home to many of the highest mountains in the world including the world’s highest, majestic Mount Everest, to some of the deepest gorges, lush valleys, great rivers, colorful people, and ancient histories. You will find a wide and fascinating diversity of landscape, Cultural, people, and activities within the Himalayas.

Nepal has a huge diversity and stunning beauty of gentle foothills, high peaks and glaciers, the deepest valley, Lush pastures, exotic and rare vegetation, and wildlife, steamy jungles, arid high altitude plains, remote mountain passes, thundering rivers, shady alpine forests, and the breathtaking presence of the Himalayan ranges of Annapurna, Manaslu, Langtang and of course awesome  Mount  Everest known as of Himalayan Nepal.

From stunning scenery to vibrant and colorful culture. The serenity and spiritualism of ancient temples and monasteries to the thrills and spills of some of the world’s finest white water rides. From the challenge of the awesome peaks to the laid-back relaxation of the valley.

lakeside from quiet hill stations to the deep lush jungles of the lowlands. Romantic and intricate courtyards, exotic palaces, and exquisite restaurants to high snowy passes. Where prayer flags flutter in the skies and from the solitude of the great peaks. Welcoming bustle and warmth of the local bazaars and courtyards. Whatever your interest, Himalayan Nepal has something to offer everyone.

The pages of this brochure aim to give you a taste of the Himalayas and of the services we offer. Ace vision Nepal is a leading trekking in Nepal, Adventure activities, and Customized trip with a hospitality Trekking Company based in Kathmandu Nepal. We are established in 2015. Spent 12 years as a Himalayan team leader owning a Travel Company.

Our services include advice, planning, and organization of a wide range of Adventure and trekking travel options and related services including Trekking and mountaineering expeditions among the world’s highest peaks, jungle safari, white -water rafting, family adventures, educations expeditions for school and youth groups, short breaks, Guided tours and sightseeing, special interest holidays, romantic breaks, volunteer placements, and corporate services.

Ace vision staff, Guides, and other support staff are from local villages and towns in the Himalayas and are experienced and qualified professionals. Our extensive local knowledge, as well as, our experience and local contacts mean that we are able to provide the best service to you and we are proud of our reputation for quality, innovation, and overall customer service with a focus on cultural and environmentally responsible travel.

We aim to provide you with an excellent, friendly, and personal service at a competitive and fair cost for a truly memorable adventure travel experience in a lifetime.

Private Charter adventures

We offer a very competitive and complete tailor-made service that is happy to design private charter programs for individuals and for groups. As well as, to tailor any of our packages to closely meet your requirements. We have a wealth of experience in helping many clients in designing and planning individual adventures. Ranging from romantic breaks to personal challenges, and fundraising programs.

Student programs to extreme adventure expeditions, from low budget to no expense spared. We do not charge a fortune to tailor make a trip for you and we have plenty of ideas. Suggestions and experiences that we are happy to share. We will work closely with you to design your adventure. Ace vision will provide individual quotes based on your itinerary, requirements, budget, and number of people traveling.

Let us take care of the research and arrangements for your flights, accommodation, Guides, Transport, Permits, Peak fees, equipment, requirements, food, and all ground handling service for treks, expeditions, or tours, using our local knowledge, expertise, and contacts. And you can get on with enjoying yourself.

Trekking to Himalayan Nepal

Here, Trekking in Nepal is an unforgettable travel experience in a lifetime. The Himalayas mountain regions provide some of the finest trekking routes available anywhere. Nepal can be divided into three distinct regions, in the north the Himalaya Nepal, and the high mountains region. The middle hill district and the lowland Terai region to the south offer some of the most spectacular trekking in the world.

Treks vary from high altitude routes some of which visit base camps used by the 8000 m mountaineering expeditions. To easy short treks within the Kathmandu valley. Lower hill country where you will travel through pretty villages, subtropical lowlands, vast meadows and forests, and fast-flowing rivers. Deep canyons and even the cold and barren regions at the feet of the Great mountain peaks.

The views change with the seasons. With different stages of planting and harvesting cycles in the villages and valleys and the brilliant display of wildflowers in spring and autumn. Trekking with us means an adventure walking holiday in Himalayan Nepal. With a small group of other trekkers, led by experienced and professional English-speaking local Sirdars on our treks, and tours. Expeditions and is totally confident in their ability and experience.

Local guides are integral to providing you with the best travel experience. Not only can they share your local knowledge and insights, but at the same time, you are contributing to the local economy and supporting local communities. Whatever route you choose.

You will be sure to meet local people and enjoy stunning landscapes as you walk at your own pace along well-established village trails. Whilst some of the popular trekking trails are used by climbing expeditions on their approach marches. Most have been used for hundreds of years by the local Nepalese for everybody to travel and trade.

Tea House Trekking

On the more popular treks in Nepal. Particularly in the Annapurna, Manaslu Circuit Trek, Langtang, and Everest regions, enterprising villagers have built tea-house lodges. Similar to European style alpine lodges offering simple but comfortable accommodation and food.

We offer a selection of single/twin sharing rooms in the best available lodges that run to a high level of service. We also supply a four-season sleeping bag and cotton liner on our adventure. During the trek, you will have 3 meals a day. With a mixture of European and Asian style dishes and large portions.

Grading system

In Nepal, the trails often zig-zag with plenty of ascents and descents. Where it is better to think in terms of hours spent walking rather than miles covered. A typical day of walking is from five to seven hours with a number of ascents and descents made. This includes a one-hour lunch stop, a comfortable pace of walking, and time to enjoy your surroundings.

We use four grades for our treks, intended to give you a general sense of what to expect and to help you choose which adventure will suit you best. Factors such as weather conditions, altitude, fitness level, and experience. Interests and how you feel on a particular day all contribute to how easy or strenuous you find a trip. If you are unsure as to whether a trek is suitable for you just contact us before making your booking.

Generally, all the costs are per person; based on a twin you share accommodation and group size. The price you will pay will be based on the size of the group at the time of invoicing. 


Trek up to 5 to 7 days walking in total. Usually, 4 to 5 hours walking a day with the occasional steep path. You can experience plenty of cultural interest and integration with local people. This great also applies to our short breaks and tours which include some short guided walks of sightseeing.


Trek in more remote countries and 5 to 6 hours walking daily. Relatively low altitude treks, crossing passes of maximum altitude 4300m. Not more than 5 days consecutive walking. This great also applies to our short breaks and tours which include some short Guided walks or Sightseeing.


Up to 12 or 15 days consecutive walking through wild country. Including high passes (Sometimes covered by snow) between 3550 m and 4800 m. Walking 7 or 8 hours a day.

Very strenuous

Challenging, Long distance treks for the fitness enthusiast. Occasionally more than 8 Hours of consecutive walking but all treks have rest days interspersed. Each trek crosses at least one high pass of over 4800m and often includes very rarely visited areas.


Contact us for more information on treks and other travel options suitable for families and for Himalayan travel with young children.

Contact us

We are always happy to provide more information and suggestions to visit Himalayan Nepal. If you are in Kathmandu please visit our office, Paknajol marg 43 Thamel, Chhetrapati Chowk Kathmandu. You can email us at acevisionnepal@gmail.com or telephone us on +977 1 4268606, +9779851025312, +9779808923682. For more information please visit our website:  www.acevisionnepal.com  www.acevisiontreks.com

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