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wonderful poon hill and other day tours

Someone had told us in advance that we’re going to trek 600 + 1500 + 800 high meters in 3 days and then the whole thing down in 2 days – we would not have believed it. Ace vision Treks & Tours then was so helpful organizing several day trips, our Yoga in Pokhara as well as our trekking. Ganesh confidence (he is also a trekking guide) convinced us to book the 5-day poon hill trekking. We really loved the trekking and with the help of our guide Ganesh we mastered all situations and enjoyed the 5 days very much. Ganesh knew the trail so well, making sure we always were comfortable and had enough rest and food. He calmly answered our 1000 questions about Nepal, the mountains, the villages, and more.
In a nutshell, we had perfect weather, the perfect route, and the perfect guide of the perfect company.
We definitely recommend trekking in Nepal and having Ace vision Treks & tours caring for you.

About Author

Having spent 10 years trekking in the Himalayan region as trekking guide.We are specialized in trekking, sightseeing, jungle safari, rafting, mountaineering and other outdoor adventure activities.

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