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Bhuwan Thapa- Ace Vision Nepal

Mr. Bhuwan Thapa Chhetri is a graduate of Business Administrative Management (BBS). He is now studying for his Masters in MBS with specialism in finance and marketing. Mr. Bhuwan Thapa originates from the western Reason of Nepal. He is very friendly with a warm smile and now firmly based in Kathmandu. Mr, Bhuwan Thapa manages daily (day to day) accounts along with the business development management. He appreciates working for a company with clear goals.

Mr. Bhuwan Thapa Chhetri, he is also help for auditing report to government departs belong this company. He is very talented and sensitive human. Mr. Bhuwan Thapa has an all idea about Tax and VAT in Nepal. His sense of humor and personality always give different types of energy to all staff. We are happy to have him a part of our company.