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Himalayan Nepal for Nature, Culture and People -Ace vision Nepal!!

Himalayan Nepal for Nature, Culture and People -Ace vision Nepal

Nepal- the land of the Himalayas, brings you a blend of nature, culture, and its people to amaze you with its immense beauty. Known all over the world for incredible mountain ranges, Nepal outshines any other nation with its glorious Himalayas. Along with these massifs is a bundle of natural joy. With towering hills, lush vegetation, and unique biodiversity, Nepal is the ultimate destination for Himalayan Nepal. You may not Compare World’s Himalayan, Cultural, Religion.

However, there is a whole lot to explore in Nepal besides its plethora of natural beauty. Nepal is a country rich with cultural heritage which has been passed on for thousands of years. Ancient cities, historic palaces, and temples as old as time itself are some of its prime cultural examples. What even makes it better are the people.

The ever-so-humble people of Nepal are praised for their hospitality and kindness. Moreover, you can witness how they value their culture, tradition, and religion to keep it alive with time. Thus, Nepal is a gift to the world; a gift full of natural beauty wrapped with rich cultural heritage by the humble hands of the endearing Nepalese.

Exciting Nepal for Nature

Sandwiched between two giants India and China- Nepal is a small country. But within this space is the tallest mountain in the world- Mt. Everest (8848.86 m.), the highest lake on the earth- Tilicho (4920m), the highest valley on the earth- the Arun valley, and the deepest gorge in the world- the Kali Gandaki gorge. As such, the geographical diversity in this small span of land is surreal and simply astounding.

Nepal- Naturally Most Diverse Country

The beauty of Nepal may just be impossible to describe in a single piece of writing. To start off is the unique topography. From its lowest of 60 meters above sea level to 8848 meters at the top of Mount Everest; Nepal is divided into three regions; the Himalayas, the hills, and the plains. The Himalayan Nepal region is where you find the earth’s mightiest mountains. Resting below is the hilly region; an area covered with dense green hills. Further down to the south are the lowlands of the Terai region; the haven of fertile lands. Combine these three together, you get a bundle of extreme beauty; Nepal. Naturally, Nepal’s best Hiking toward Manaslu Circuit Trek is the best Trek package for nature lovers.

Lovely Walk with Diverse Nature

The Himalayas Nepal is undoubtedly the major reason for travelers to visit Nepal. Eight of the ten highest mountains lie here in Nepal including Kanchenjunga (8586m), Lhotse (8516m), Makalu (8463m), Cho Oyu (8188m), Dhaulagiri (8167m), Manaslu (8163m), and Annapurna(8091m) form this esteemed list. Trekking under these mountains is a dream many people wish to fulfill. Subsequently, treks like Everest Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Circuit Trek, Langtang region trek, and Manaslu region trek; all give you the taste of Nepal’s beauty. Hills and the plains each have their own set of attractions.

The hills are where the most popular cities are located. Those hills and the Terai plains shelter a wide array of exotic plants and wildlife. You can spot one-horned Rhinoceros, Red pandas, Bengal tigers, Snow Leopard, Asiatic Elephant, Phosphorus, Monal, and many other rare bird and wildlife species in Nepal.

Nepal is sought out by many tourists for a great many adventurous activities that can be done here. Trekking, peak climbing, hiking, expeditions, white water rafting, jungle safari, bungee jumping, and paragliding are just a few of them. These activities quenched your thirst for thrill and give you the adrenaline rush you desire.

Exciting Nepal for Culture

The wholesome natural beauty of Nepal may be a key attraction point for travelers, but the cultural aspect is no less. Nepal is a country not just diverse in nature, but in culture too. It homes people of multiple religions and numerous cultures. While traveling in Nepal, one can easily experience a wide array of cultures existing in this small nation. The cultural diversity of Nepal is best reflected in the lifestyle, social beliefs, traditional norms, language, and art spread across the country.

Nepal-Unity in Diversity

Religion has greatly affected the wide range of cultures in Nepal. Dominated by Hinduism and Buddhism, the cultures in Nepal are mostly inclined to these religions. Muslim, Shaman, Kirant, and Christian cultural practices also have great prevalence in the country. As such, the cultural ethos of the entire nation is diverse and unique. Since the nation thrives on culture, there are a few norms that have set the moral grounds of entire Nepal. Respecting elders, loving young ones, and taking off one’s shoes before entering a religious shrine or home are social norms. These practices have helped to create an environment where one culture can love and respect another.

One City One Culture

Nepal is also greatly prosperous in terms of cultural heritage. The major cities of Nepal such as Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, Dharan, Biratnagar, and a few others driven by modernization. But these cities were built amidst cultural heritages that date back ages. Take, for example, Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. Here in the valley itself, you can find seven of the ten UNESCO world heritage sites in Nepal. Places like Boudhanath, Swayambhunath, Pashupatinath, etc., hold tremendous cultural and religious values to the Population here.

Another major example is Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha. Buddhists from all over the world revere Lumbini as the hub of Buddhism. Similarly, culture and its influence are deep-rooted and every corner of Nepal. Furthermore, festivals in Nepal truly reflect the widespread culture and tolerance among these cultures.

All the cultures bring about colorful and joyous festivals all year round. Dashain, Tihar, Holi, Chhath, Lhosar, Buddha Jayanti, Christmas, and Eid are some of the major festivals celebrated in Nepal. These are the times when people come together and celebrate with happiness.

Exciting Nepal for People

Within the confines of this great nation, there are numerous ethnic communities that have lived and thrived for thousands of years. These ethnicities have their own customs and traditions. But in all, the medley of people of different cultures lives here harmoniously. As such, the entire Nepalese population is famed for being kind and harmonious. Regardless of the origin, race, caste, or class, tolerance among the people is exemplary.

People of Nepal

The Kirant communities prevail in eastern Nepal whereas the Musahar and Tharu ethnicity reside in the southern parts. Brahmins are also found in quite considerable numbers here. Sherpas and Tibetan descendants are commonly found in northern Nepal. Newar people have been the indigenous community of central Nepal whereas Gurung, Tamang, and Magar people also co-exist here.

Moving further west, Thakuri, Chhetri, and Thakali dominate the majority of the population here. Tibetan descendants have a large population in north-western Nepal. These are but a few examples of the people living in Nepal. Over 100 different ethnicity have been recorded to reside in Nepal. However, Nepalese are not just famous for their diversity.

The friendly nature of Nepalese has been known far and wide. But on top of it all, Nepalese people are famous for their hospitality to their guests. Their wide smiles and kind gestures have reached out a long way. If you speak to a fellow traveler who has visited Nepal, s/he will definitely mention the kindness of a Nepali soul. With their hands pressed together and you will be welcomed by the people with the warmest gestures.

Nepalese people with their hospitality will make you feel like you are at home. Whether it is in a 5-star hotel in the city or a small tea house lodge up in the Himalayas, the kindness remains the same. Where ever you go and whomever you meet, the warm vibes of kindness always radiate from a Nepali.

Co-existence of Nature, Culture, and People

Each aspect is dependent on the other, which makes Nepal one of the best destinations to travel to the natural beauty of Nepal. This is something that attracts thousands of travelers across the world. While you explore it, the people you encounter enhance your experience with their hospitality and kindness. The culture provides knowledge you cannot receive anywhere. Whether it be to plunge into adventure, learn deeper stories of the culture, or relax in the tranquil nature; Nepal is the best place to visit.  


There are many destinations in Nepal that shine with natural and cultural diversity. Wherever you go, Nepal will not fail to take you by surprise. It is only here that you will witness a Buddhist monastery beside a Hindu shrine or mountains at a touching distance from cities. This amazing nation has exciting destinations that are filled with natural beauty, cultural glory, and humility of Nepalese. With the massive Himalayan Nepal chain in the north, the country has gained popularity for its mountains. But beneath these mountains is a paradise destination that should definitely be on your wish list.

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