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Festivals Celebrated in Nepal

Festivals Celebrated in Nepal

Festivals Celebrated in Nepal, the land of the Himalayas bring you a blend of nature, culture, and people to amaze you with its immense beauty. The ultimate destination to great Himalayan Nepal. You don’t Compare World’s Himalayan, Cultural, or religion. Nepal is a country rich with cultural heritage which has been passed on for thousands of years. Ancient cities, world-historic sites, and temples as old as time itself are some of its prime cultural examples.

Festivals Celebrated in Nepal begin with something religious and move with spontaneous spirit into a pleasant family feast as a Nepalese religion has been influenced and has always been the core of Nepali culture.

Every festivals celebrated in Nepal is a manifestation of the cultural sensibility of any particular society.  The Festivals, through acts and performance of rites and rituals and rituals. In fact not only a way of appeasing goddesses and gods. Also for warding off evil, for pastoral and agricultural prosperity, longevity, happiness, and wealth health of human life. It also helps in strengthening familial and societal ties by way of gathering, merry-making, and socializing.

We believe that in temples city (Kathmandu) they are celebrating festival every next day. Most festivals deity with worshippers crowding around a shrine to worship. Great processions of the three old cities are Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur, and other major cities of Nepal. These processions are accompanied by bands of local Newar musicians and masked dancers. Sometimes idols of Gods and paraded in gigantic wooden chariot Rath unique to Nepal. The Festivals are the most important part of Nepalese are co-operative and helpful local society. This essence of their everyday life.

These are the most commonly Festivals celebrated in Nepal.

Maghe Sankranti

According to old Nepalese people are says this is the holy month of Magh.  The sun enters the southern hemisphere, and the days begin to grow longer and warmer. Lord Vishnu the preserver is thanked for his efforts. On this day, people take an early bath in the holy places, such as rivers or Natural taps. And visit shrines of Vishnu, and present flowers, incense, and food to them. They read the Bhagwad Gita, also known as, the song of the Gods, apply mustard oil over their bodies, and enjoy feast rice cooked with lentils, yams.

People from many parts of the country gather to Devghat, a confluence of three rivers, to take a holy bath in the river on this day.


Sherpa’s and Tibetans welcome their year with feasts, family visits, and performing arts. At now Families finest garments and exchange gifts and jewelry. The Buddhist monks are supply prayers permanently for health and prosperity and perform dances at the monasteries. The colorful praying flags embellish streets and rooftops, and therefore the colors appear particularly sensible at the Swayambhunath, and Bouddhanath stupas. The Crowds of celebrants at Bouddha herald the year by throwing Tsampa (barley flour).

Basanta Panchami (Shree Panchami)

Basanta Panchami of Shree Panchami honors the deities of information and learning. The Hindus honor of divinity Saraswati. The Basanta Panchami announces the appearance of the spring season, with official ceremonies at Hanuman national capital. Nowadays is additionally thought of as one among the auspicious within the year for married. In this present day, most colleges provide free admission because it is devoted to learning. The foremost in style is that the particularly for college kids, line up from sunrise. Ceremonies related to the instruments of art and learning books, copy faculty dresses, etc. present their reception. Historically, kids are given their initial learning lesson at the moment.

Maha Shivaratri

All year Pashupatinath attracts pilgrims sadhus, devotees, and mendicants, however at the moment the guests are within the reams of thousands, several are from Nepal’s terai regions and the Republic of India, they inbound a number of days before the beginning. On this present day Shiva’s sacred day begins at the hours of darkness however devotees don’t very begin streaming in, the tremendous type of Sadhus, mendicants of assorted varieties and deformities, devotees playacting wayside penances (standing with a little spear thrust through the tongue, being buried up to the neck, etc.)

And underground the frightening symbol within the Hindu temple then bathe, or a minimum of splash a bit, within the stream. Most of the time royalty takes half within the afternoon within the Tundikhel tract, we have a tendency to respect the 31-gun salute at the tip. The king and his gathering pay respect to Shiva within the evening. The sadhus reside present camps within the courtyards of the temples. Wherever non-Hindus also absolve to hang around. The curious will witness some rather fascinating demonstrations there.

Fagu Poornima (Holi)

Holi celebrates the death of the demoness Holika. This wicked lady, United Nations agency was imagined to be strong to fireside, tried persistently to kill her kinsman, an obsessive buff of Lord Hindu deity. Within the finish she places the boy on her lap and sets the hearth to a lower place, thinking he would be burned up, however, would escape. However instead the boy remained uninjured and Holika, to her surprise, immolated herself. The rites of this competition celebrate her finish.

Fagu Poornima begins the primary day with the raising of the Chir pole concerning high noon ahead of Kumari house in Basantapur. Holi is understood as a ‘playing with color ‘festival. Young and recent, particularly the youngsters throw baggage of water or a few colored powder at one another and build it a pleasure. In the Terai region, they celebrate it on a consecutive day once individuals with natural depression celebrate it. This is the most Festivals Celebrated in Nepal.

Chaite Dashain

Hindus celebrate Dashain double a year in the Kingdom of Nepal. The Chaite Dashain is one of these. The foremost public of the ceremonies square measures. The ritual animal sacrifices were performed by the military within the yard of the police headquarters at Hanuman Dhoka. This commences at 8:00 a.m. and is performed before the banners and badges of varied military units. Goats and buffaloes square measure the victims, decapitated by one stroke of the weapon system. In previous years anyone within the audience might volunteer to dispatch one among the animals, however, this tradition has been irreligious. Western guests’ square measure slowed to look at from a balcony dominating the grounds. With a splendid read of all the gore. The rites last for 2 hours and square measure over when the military commander smears each of the banners with the putting-to-death blood.

Ram Navami

Hindus worship God ram as Victory Day, all Hindus worship Ram at numerous temples in Janakpur. Sacrificing of roosters, goats, and buffaloes at temples square measure the main activities in this day and age.

Bisket Jatra

The recent kingdom of Bhaktapur and its neighboring areas replay a drama passed on over the centuries throughout this necessary competition. Pictures of wrathful and somewhat fiendish deity’s square measure placed on tottering chariots Rats. They’re offered blood sacrifices, flowers, and coins. Men are brimful with vernal vigor and alcoholic beverages drag the chariots across brick-paved streets of the city. And wherever ever these rats stop, lamps square measure lit, and devotees overflow into the encircling alleys. Alternative gods and goddesses too square measure placed on palanquins and carried around in order that they will see the sights. There’s a tongue-boring ceremony at betoken village. Thimi during which there’s a belief that the dedicated are going to reserve in an area in heaven.

Mother’s Day

Mother’s day symbolizes love, fondness for the living mother, and memory for the dead mother. Additionally conjointly the day of ‘looking at Mother’ face’. For the living, it’s a reminder to hope for his or her soul. During this day, a special Mela is organized at Mata Tirtha. There square measure 2 pools at Mata Tirtha, the lower one is larger and used for bathing. The smaller higher one is named the pool of “Looking at Mother’s Face”, for it’s believed, or was believed, one may see the face of one’s mother within the pool’s reflection.

Buddha Jayanti

Buddha Jayanti is the big day for each Hindu and Buddhist. They celebrate these days because of the day of the Buddha Siddhartha’s birth, enlightenment, and death. His birthplace-Lumbini Grove is within the Terai region of the Kingdom of Nepal. Buddhists of all persuasions throughout the depression, additionally as pilgrims for abroad honored mystics. On this present day, most significantly at the 2 nice stupas and also for the most part Buddhist town of Patan. Activity at most Buddhist stupas and shrines begins at dawn. Swayambhunath and Boudhanath square measure the busiest sites for the day of Buddha Jayanti. The king of serpents is asked for a blessing, and his general public vest is shown to the general public.

Nag Panchami

This day honors the Nagas, the snake gods, of Nepal square measure related to rain. The competition honors the associate degree ancient ending of a king.  Worship of the Nags on these days, a compromise the superior gracefully given, ensures there’ll there will bring. Nepalese festivals Nag portraits from the road stalls the day before and on the morning of Nag Panchami attach these over their doorways. They then perform a tiny low puja and leave food given within the yards and paddies for the snakes.

Janai Purnima (Rakshya Bandhan)

Janai Purnima the day when Hindus modified the Janai, the sacred thread the boys were on their chests. This full phase of the moon day sees us Brahmins (Hindu priests) at the holy riverbanks. They take ritual dips in the water and supply wash to the gods. They then modify their sacred threads and additionally tie yellow sacred threads around the wrists of the devoted. Newars of the national capital natural depression decision this competition Gunhi Punhi, a soup of various up beans called Kwati, is ready because of the special menu of the day.

At Kumbherswar in Patan, a richly adorned symbol. The phallic image of Lord Shiva is placed on a raised platform within the middle of the Kumbherswar (known anti) pool to receive respect from kind devotees. Another ceremony that takes place here is Byan –ja make, within which rice is obtainable to frogs in feeling for a decent rain. In Bhaktapur, as a prelude to spare consequent day, a Jujuy Ghinatanghishi (king’s carnival) goes around the city. The participants dress in during which costumes and gambol to the tune of ancient music

Gai Jatra

On the day of Gai Jatra, families however have lost a member throughout the year pared an embellished cow around the town. Alternative dress up youngsters as cows or ascetics and walk-in procession along the competition route. The sacred animal helps the departed soul to cross the cosmic ocean in their journey into the after-world.

There is conjointly a cosmic facet to the competition. Humorous and satiric things are enclosed to assist be received families passing through their grief. There are street shows creating fun for state officers. Individuals conjointly wander town dressed like lunatics.

In the capital of Nepal, the sorrowing families proceed on the pageant route on an individual basis. In Patan, all the participants initially gather in room sq. and then move out along. The celebration in Bhaktapur is the most attention-grabbing. Tall bamboo contraptions, wrapped in artifact and screw-topped with horns intentional of straw. Are carried around the town in memory of the dead. Folks of Bhaktapur proceed along with the competition route activity spectacular Ghinda-Ghini Twakka dance. The Gai Jatra is the most Festivals Celebrated in Nepal.


Lord Krishna, the dark god United Nations agency schooled individual mythical being the worth of fate within the Bhagwad Bhagavadgita, was born in the dark on the eighth day of the dark moon of August. To celebrate the birthday of this much-loved Hindu god, devotees flock to the avatar Mandir in Patan on a preceding day. There, men and ladies from far away gather around the seventeenth-century temple. And sit in vigil expecting the time of day to fill the air, and little oil lamps are lit as a mark of felicitation and devotion to the divinity. On this day people are carrying Lord Krishna’s pictures around the town in an exceeding procession amid joyous crowds of followers and musical bands.

Father’s day

Gokarna Aunsi could be a special occasion set apart for the veneration of one’s father alive or dead. On this auspicious day, the son and female offspring supply ritual food, sweets, meat, and alternative gifts to their father. The streets are a cheerful scene with married female offspring with many goodies creating their thanks to their oldsters ‘houses. The ceremony is additionally referred to as wanting upon father’s face.’ Those whose fathers aren’t any a lot of builds today by visiting Gokarna and alternative sacred sports and worship the deities. Their day performs day of remembrance rituals in honor of their departed father and supply aims of rice, pulses, and coins to the clergymen.


Dancing, flock song, and therefore the red color of woman’s wedding Sarees dominate. The day of Teej, a Hindu competition of womanhood. The day remembers the heavenly occasion once, the female offspring of Himalayas Mountains, won the hand of Lord Shiva once serve meditation and abstinence.

On a primary day, mothers send gifts of food and Sarees to their daughter’s homes. And teams of women gather along to feast. In the hours of darkness, the girl begins a quick emulation of Pārbati. The second day is for worship, within the early morning of the third day. Ladies in red flock to the Pasupatinath temple, the great temple of lord Shiva. The married ones asked for a contented and productive marriage. A protracted life for the husbands and people to tie the observance knot asked for ideal husbands.


Festivals Celebrated in Nepal are a great harvest competition of the Kingdom of Nepal. Dashain could be a time of family reunion. The exchange of gifts and blessings, exuberant pujas, ritual bathing, and animal sacrifices. The Dashain honors the divinity of Hinduism deities. It was created out of the Shakti energy of all the Gods, armed with weapons from every one of them. This Deity Hindu deity, figuration valiance, and superior skill are adored and offered animal sacrifices for the devotees’ progress and prosperity.

During the primary 10 days, pilgrims throng numerous stream confluences early in the morning and sacred shrines in the evening. Ghatasthapan, Phool Pati, Mahaastami, Navami, and Vijaya Dasami are a series of events underneath Dashain. On Dasmai, men and lady in their fineries visit their elders to Seektika (a dab of red vermilion mixed with Yogurt and rice). Steel precessions (Paayaa) also are commanded in varied a part of the Katmandu natural depression. The Judgment Day called Kojagrat Purnima is the full phase of the moon. Ahead Hindu lady being a month-long quick, several in residence at Pashupatinath.  On these new garments visits, grand feasts, kite flying, and village swings are highlights of the Dashain. For more information about Dashain festivals please on this link.

Tihar (Deepavali)

This time may be a time of sunshine and tinsel decorations, fancy sweets, and juicy fruits. At Diwali festivals adoration of cows and dogs. Leaf dishes of rice, incense, and light-weight are kicked off for the dark traveler, whereas dogs are worshiped and offered goodies. Within the amount of Tihar Laxmi, the deity of wealth is adored. Rows of lamps are placed on windows and doors, with the sturdy hop that Laxmi, the immortal of wealth is idolized. Rows of lamps are placed on windows and doors with sturdy hop the Laxmi happy to reside in light-weight.

The subsequent day belongs to the cow, representative of Laxmi. The Laxmi pooja, Gobardan pooja, and Bhai tika are the series of events beneath Tihar. Within the day of Bhai tika sisters and brothers get along and settle for tika from one another. This present day is termed brothers’ day. Brother and sister honor one another today and sister pray to the Hindu deity, the god of death. For his or her brother’s progress, prosperity, and longevity. The Tihar is the second big Festivals Celebrated in Nepal.

Chhath Parva

The worship of the Hindu deity, the sun god, attracts thousands of pilgrims to the holy city of Janakpur. In the southeastern Kingdom of Nepal devotees from Nepal and India. Throng the traditional town to worship at the Janaki temple. And take ritual baths in the rivers and ponds. Devotee’s lightweight lamps, sing song, and pay the night before Chhath Parva at banks of rivers and ponds to grate the approaching of the god.

Bala Chaturdasi

Another special occasion for the deceased, these festivals rights area units are designed to appease. The souls of the death any wrong committed against them whereas they were still alive. The rites of this Chaturdasi area unit are in honor of Bala, a burning stairway manual laborer. However, accidentally at a chunk of bourn flesh become a demon smitten by practice. Many completely different stories narrate the story however a motif common to any or all is that Bala was tracked by a gesture of friendly relationship and killed. His victor then began the custom of scattering grains for the dead this present day, to make amends for the fatal deceit. The meal begins at gloaming evening, previous with devotees collecting within the locality of Pashupatinath for all-night vigils.

Tamu Losar

Nepal’s Tamang, Magar, Gurung, and different Himalayan communities celebrate Lhosar to commemorate the start of the Tamu Losar satellite twelvemonth. As a part of the Festivals Celebrated in Nepal, Buddhist monks hold prayer conferences at monasteries, that area units specially adorned for the event. Folks raise holy flogs atop their homes, and relatives and friends exchange salutations. The pageant is an incident for folks to come back diversion for singing and saltation, dressing up for several days. Cultural performances are controlled.


We allow all religions, and Christian communities of the country to celebrate Christmas, and teenager’s et al from totally different religions take part likewise. All the major hotels and restaurants organize special parties for to occasion.

New Year Eve

Nepalese people respect all religions.  Christian is well known all told major cities, particularly in Thamel of Kathmandu and also the shore of the lakeside of Pokhara. All the most important hotels and restaurants.


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