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Communication in Nepal

Nepal has integrated itself fully with the changing world. It has enough flexibility in itself to come in terms with modern technology and changes. The same stands true for communication in Nepal medium as well. Nepal has a good network of Telephones and Internet. Apart from that, State-run as well as Private-operated channels and radio stations are in ample numbers in Nepal.

Nepal had Internet service as early as 1997, since then, Nepal has convincingly modernized its Internet service. Nearly all high-end hotels provide Internet facility in the hotels itself. Apart from that you will find government as well as private operated Internet caffs in every town of Nepal. The major service provider is the government itself but there are private parties too. Most of Trekking area like Everest, Annapurna, Langtang there are internet but Himalayan WiFi are slow.

Telephone in Nepal
 Nepal is undeveloped country where most of the facilities are yet to be developed. Landlines services are mostly present in Kathmandu and other major cities of Nepal, whereas in case of mobile network service the rural parts of Mountainous and the lower Tarai region network haven’t reached yet. But there are many other hotel and lodges which provide private communication centers and also telephone and fax facilities around the globe. Nepal’s major trekking area: Annapurna, Langtang, Everest, and Manasalu the telephone works.

 Television and Radio
State run and private satellite channels are available in Nepal. Though highly censored, these channels are the only ways for entertainment for inhabitants. Some good hotels have their own downlink facilities and thus these can provide European and American channels to their consumers. It is true for the radio too. Lots of FM channels, that mostly play Hindi and Nepalese songs, are available in Nepal. Some of the European and American channels can be heard on Short wave but the broadcast quality is below the mark. High-end hotels have World space satellite service that has crystal clear audio and plays more than 50 different channels. Many of these channels are from Western Europe and America.


Nepal has many dailies and weeklies. Most of these newspapers are in Nepalese. Very few newspapers are published in English. The contents and editorials of these newspapers are not very convincing and that too come through heavy state censorships. High-end hotels will provide international papers such as New York Times and The Guardian on demand but it will be a postal edition that carries 3-days back news.

Postal, Freight and Cargo Services

This is the 21st century there are most of the rural places in the world where still no internet or phone services.   Central Post Office is located at Sundhara, Kathmandu.

Which is open from 10 A.M. to 5 P.M.?  National holidays and Saturdays they provide following service:

  • Express Mail Service [EMS]
  • Parcel Service
  • Post Box Service & Its Online Post Box Service
  • Postal Banking Service
  • Letter Delivery

Those are Some of Key things about Communication in Nepal.More information please keep and touch with us.