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Bucket list travel in Nepal-Ace vision Nepal

bucket list travel in Nepal,Ace Vision Nepal
Nepal is rich in natural resources almost every kind of natural resources are available in Nepal like as green forest, river, lake, hill, glaciers and so on.  In Nepal, almost every country people come for different purposes like business, job, tour etc. Foreign people are wanted to visit for different purposes, some want to get maximum enjoyment and forgot grief and some want to learn about different things.

In Nepal abroad, visitors visit for different purposes some want to visit for learning different things. Some want to visit for getting enjoyment, In Nepal, travelers can do the following activity such as Trekking, sightseeing, paragliding, rafting, jungle safari, Bungee jump, peak climbing, etc. In Nepal, visitors want to get maximum entertainment and learn about different things. Nepal has a good natural environment. Nepal is the best country for traveling sector. In Nepal, different kind of visitor comes. Different visitors want to different activities in traveling time.

In Nepal, visitors want to do different activities.  Visitor who wants to get enjoyment those visitors want to different activities like as some want to paraglide, peak climbing, rafting and some other want to mountain flight, jungle safari etc. visitors want to see our natural environment. Nepal is one of the best countries for the travel sector. In Nepal, almost every kind of visitors came to see our natural environment. Almost every visitor can get maximum enjoyment from our country.
Nepal is the best country for trekking and hiking. Many visitors can get maximum benefit from traveling in Nepal. Visitors achieved their goals means to say they see what they want to see and what they want to do.  In Nepal, Visitors can easily get their goal. In Nepal visitors can do different recreational activities like sightseeing, rafting, jungle safari, Paragliding, mountain flight, peak climbing etc. every visitor get maximum enjoyment from such activities,

In general, Trekking means visiting from one place to another to forget stress and grief and get real fun. Trekking is a form of walking. Trekking and hiking for mountain regions are best in Nepal. Most of all people wanted to trek but someone go for trek and someone do not go. Similarly, different people have different wants to trek. In Nepal, here are so many places for trekking. Especially people who want to trek in Nepal those people want to go for mountain areas like as Annapurna circuit, Manasalu, Macchapuchhre, Dhaulagiri, Langtang for an amazing view and natural diversity culture and so on. In Nepal Annapurna circuit is one of the most famous trekking routes. Especially, the trekking areas are as follows

  • Trekking in Annapurna conservation area

Annapurna circuit trek
Ghorepani poonhill trek
Annapurna Base camp trek

  • Trekking in Everest national park

-Everest base camp trek
-Everest base camp via gokyo- re trek
-E.B.C. with three pass trek
-Everest sanctuary trek

  • Trekking in Manaslu conservation area

Manaslu trek
Manaslu larke pass trek
-Manaslu with tsum valley trek
-Manaslu sanctuary trek

  • Upper mustang conservation area

Upper mustang trek
-Kanchenjunga trek
-Langtang trek
-Gosaikunda trek

Hobbies are things people like to do. However, they do not do professionally. In traveling time people want different such as learn about customs, History to see sightseeing and for business. In trek time people want to see an amazing view from Top area at that time they see so attractive views. Mostly in Kathmandu, these areas are swayambhu, Nagarkot, etc, and another place many places are found to see sightseeing like as for peak climbing visitor the top of the peak is the best point for sightseeing and other visitors for many other places are available.

  • Rafting

Rafting is a fun and accessible outdoor sport. Many Rafting players must be risk-takers, bold travelers. This is the most enjoyable sport. According to national geographic rafting in Sunkoshi River is considered among the top 10 rivers to raft in the world. Nepal is a land of numerous world-class rivers which provide fun and exciting river rafting adventures. Rafting is a competitive sport. All rafting races are conducted on natural river courses.

Jungle safari is one of the best recreational activities. This tour is easy and pleasant tour of Nepal. Jungle safari means travelling in jungle for seeing beautiful views and animals. Nepal has 9 national park 6 conservation areas and 1 wild life reserve which covered 20% land of Nepal. The parks are very popular for elephant safari, natural walking, bird watching and dugout canoeing. The main attraction of park is elephant safari. The jungle safari includes elephant back riding, jungle walk, canoe ride, jeep drive etc.

Paragliding is one of the most popular and recreational sports in Nepal which is most popular in the world. In paragliding pilot allows the maximum fly to more than 400 kilometers and climb up to more than 6000 meters. The dream of our fly in the sky becomes true when we in paragliding. In paragliding, we can get more satisfaction really our dream to make the bird is true.

Bungee jumping is an activity jumping from a tall structure. It is most challenging for both side mentally and physically. In bungee jumping people are involved in physical exercise. Generally, bungee jump is done from highest place to downward. In bungee jumping people get more satisfaction.

Peak climbing is one of the adventures of Nepal for the travelling sector. A few people are involved in peak climbing. Peak climbing means climb in the mountain. Peak climbing is both technically and mentally challenging activity in Nepal. Peak climbing in the Nepal Himalayas is the dream of every mountain climbers. Mostly Those people want to go for peak climbing who want to see clearly views of all things.

Mountain flight is one of the recreational activities for the travelling sector. Within the mountain flight, you see the best sightseeing. Mountain flight means Travelling over the mountain for seeing mountain views. In mountain flight, you can get maximum enjoyment to see mountain and other views.

  • Tibet tour

Tibet tour and Nepal both are in Asia. Almost every person who wants to Tibet tour they go for the best sightseeing. Mainly they are going to cultural cities like tsedage and Gyantse. Especially people go for Tibet tour to learn culture and see amazing sightseeing and for other purposes. Tibet tour includes some cultural heritage, monasteries, mountains, lakes, etc.

  • Bhutan tour

Especially people want to visit for different purposes like enjoyment, business, and learn about different things. Similarly, they want to go to different places among them some want to go for a Bhutan tour. In general, people want to go for Bhutan to learn their culture and get enjoyment from amazing views. Almost every visitor who wants to visit Bhutan automatically we know that they want to visit for amazing views and to learn about different things like culture, tradition environment and so on. For more details kindly contact us for more information.

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