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Adventure Benefit-Ace vision Treks & Tours

Adventure Benefit

Outdoor Adventure Benefit

While sitting on your sofa and watching T.V. can be entertaining for many, going out on adventures can open so many more possibilities. Going on adventures, traveling to places, and getting your body moving can do you better than you can imagine. Likewise, you will get to know about new places and open up windows of possibilities to improve your physical and spiritual health as well as Adventure benefit.

Moving about, getting to know new people and culture, and making memories that you will remember till you perish are all benefits you only get on adventures. As such, below are a few of the adventure benefit of going on an adventure:

Get fit while having fun

Going out for a trek or hikes while on your vacation can be fruitful for your physical health. Pushing your body for some exercise and strain can be good for you in the long run. These trips also help to increase your metabolism and use your stamina to the fullest. It is proven that sweating can help you remove toxic substances from your body. A free and well-needed workout to stretch your body and increase your physical fitness is a chance you shouldn’t miss out on. Give adventure benefits a chance this vacation and go out on fun trips with your family and friends.

Improve resilience

Vacations are always an opportunity to learn new things and toughen up. While adventures can certainly help you be physically fit, there are mental and spiritual aspects that you can strengthen as well. People can either sign up for yoga and meditation courses or discover their inner self via actions as well. These help you to stay positive and develop a resilient character in your life. Studies prove that adventurous people have an improved quality of life and are calm and composed of tackling any kind of adverse conditions.

Learn a new culture

The world is a huge place and there are people of different backgrounds with different beliefs, traditions, and ways of life. Going on cultural treks and tours is the best way to learn more about different people and their way of thinking, exposing you to new worlds of opportunity. Not only beliefs but you will be able to come across unique traditions that people follow to show you a different world than the one you are accustomed to. These experiences and knowledge can be helpful in the future when you have to face people following the same culture again.

Become the savior of nature

The world needs protection as global warming rates skyrocket. The icebergs are melting at a higher rate and animals and plants are also receiving the short end of the stick. In this situation, going on jungle safaris and trekking adventures can expose you directly to nature. Accessing the actual situation can help you be more in touch with your surroundings and in terms help in spreading awareness to others as well.

Adventure seekers who are actively participating in natural campaigns are also huge contributors to spreading awareness of the need for natural rehabilitation. Be an inspiring figure to those around you and help save and protect nature one of them.

 Making new memories has never been more interesting

Going on trips with your friends and family opens up chances for new conversations. Small and large vacations enjoyed with your loved ones will always stay with you as shared memory and it is a proven method to be closer with your family.

 You can try taking short and relaxing trips where you can get to know each other and enjoy each other’s company in a new environment. While long trips can help you improve your bond with your family and also increase trust with each other. A better family dynamic can be achieved by organizing trips to strengthen the bond with your family members.

Memories that last longer

Walking and similar physical exercises are not just beneficial to the physical body but also help us mentally. It is also known that pushing yourself physically can help you increase your memory and other mental aspects. While small walks are an easier way to do so, challenging treks can prove to be even more effective. Even people over 50 years of age can benefit from daily activities like these which not only improve their brainpower but also a chance to improve their quality of life.

Stay happy and stress-free

Adventures can make your life a lot happier and more stress-free since they provide you with a break from your daily routine. Be it leisure vacation or arduous treks, adventures help you to relieve stress and enjoy the present.

 Thus, walking, trekking, or going out regularly can help you remain more stress-free. Physically exerting yourself can give your happy hormones a boost, leaving you feeling more relaxed and carefree. The whole spirit of adventure revolves around the philosophy of “you live only once”, giving you the chance to be more out there and get going, improving your satisfaction with life.

Stay strong and become smarter

Adventurers are usually physically fit, strong, and more capable in their life since new places and opportunities give you chances to increase your knowledge. It can be seen in many studies that people who travel regularly are better at fast problem-solving and decision-making. They are more independent and are not stressed.

People who are avid travelers can be calmer and collected when it comes to adverse scenarios and they learn with experience how to think with a cool mind and tackle any problem thrown their way. They are also known to be more competent and experienced in a variety of different things.

Improve your drive

The monotonous life of going to work and coming back home can be tiring and also something that affects your drive at work. You will be more unacceptable towards change and also less reactive in your daily life because it is so repetitive. Taking a break once in a while and enjoying time in solidarity or with your family can help you recharge. This is directly beneficial to you since you regain your enthusiasm to work. Thus, adventures help you to take on new opportunities and provide you with the zeal to pursue your goal.

Gain confidence in your work

Confidence is a big part of your social life. Going on new adventures now and then can help to improve your confidence as you learn new things and also get together with different types of people. It can also play a huge role in improving your leadership and socializing skills.

 Adventure and thrill seekers take on new challenges and are not afraid to speak their minds. This is why they are good leaders and also can handle themselves well when it comes to any kind of social situation, giving them a benefit over others.

Adventure activitie you can enjoy in Nepal

Nepal is a land of adventures, a haven for people who want to enjoy some time away from their stressful and monotonous life. Since adventures have such a great impact on the lives of people, you can easily indulge in an adventure of your choosing here in Nepal. Here are some of the things you can enjoy in Nepal:


Gifted with diverse geography, Nepal is not short of places where you can enjoy cycling. Small cycle trips can be enjoyed mostly in the lower altitudes or the plains of Nepal. You can choose a calm spot where you can enjoy cycling in peace, like the hill of Nagarkot, or explore cities like Kathmandu. Likewise, Pokhara and the serene Phewa Lake premise also offer entertaining cycling trips.

Cycling is a great way to relax and enjoy your time while in Nepal as there are many places with unique features of their own.

Trekking and Hiking

Trekking and hiking are the most popular adventure options in Nepal. Your choices are wide-ranging from small one-day cultural treks to long treks to view one of the highest mountains in the world.

Shorter treks can be cultural or natural treks like Ghorepani Poonhill Trek, Tamang Heritage Trek, or Helambu Trek. If you seek more thrill and adventure, longer treks are the go-to option. Longer treks in Nepal take you to the mountainous region along rugged trails.

Everest Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Circuit Trek, and Manaslu Circuit Trek are some of the options for longer treks. Likewise, Phulchowki, Godavari, Champadevi, Kakani, and Sarangkot are celebrated hiking destinations.

Mountain Biking

If you are looking for a more thrilling activity then you can also enjoy biking in the steep hills in Nepal. People indulging in this activity-travel can be seen mainly around the capital, i.e. Kathmandu. But if you want to try something different then, the possibilities are endless.

Biking trips in Nepal can vary from a day to more than a week. You can enjoy the physical activity in steep hills on the outskirts of Kathmandu valley i.e. Nagarkot, Namobuddha, Phulchowki. Alternatively, you can venture a little further to different protected areas around the nation.


Adventure benefit, every once in a while, is the best way to take care of your physical, social, and mental well-being. These adventures are not just to take a break but allow you to see a bigger picture and achieve more Google and Alexa. So, this year make sure to get off your comfy couches at least once and challenge yourself on an adventure of a lifetime memory in Nepal.

Who knows? Maybe you will gather experiences that you will be thankful for for the rest of your life.

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